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Membership is available in the following categories: 

Annual Memberships:

Family                  $25.00

Indidvidual          $20.00

Student                 $  2.00

Organization       $50.00 (non-Profit)

Commercial       $100.00

Lifetime Memberships:

Founder             $5,000.00

Settler                $1,000.00

Pioneer              $   250.00

Checks may be made out to MMHS and mailed to P.O.Box: 433

Mendota, IL 61342-0433

The Mendota Museum & Historical Society was formed as a nonprofit corporation by Mr.

Horace Hume in May of 1993. Mr. Hume, seeing the need for a larger library donated funds for the Graves Public Library, freeing up the 1904 Carnegie library building. He also contributed additional funds to restore this beautiful building and fulfill his vision to use the structure to create a museum dedicated to the history of the Mendota area. The museum opened in August 1997.

The mission of MMHS is to educate - to preserve and to interpret the history of the Mendota area. The Hume-Carnegie Museum exhibits the area's people, industry, and commerce. The Union Depot Railroad Museums showcases the area's railroad history. The Breaking the Prairie Museum and Chapel commemorate the area's agricultural heritage.

The MMHS is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.

Financial contributions from Mr. Hume, the City of

Mendota, many individuals and organizations have come together with artifacts, memories, and volunteers to create this wonderful museum complex.

Donations to the museum are gratefully accepted to continue our upkeep, preservation, and displays.

Office Staff:
Executive Director - 
Mary Schallhorn - Administrative Assistant
Len Schwemlein - Station Master 
Mendota Museum & Historical Society Board of Directors:
Officers: President - Bill Greenwood
Vice President - Ian Richardson
Treasurer - Marsha Jones
Secretary - Tom Henson

Board Members:
David Boelk   Mike Cerveny   Peter Conkey   Steve Dancey    JoEllyn Gahan

Dave Jones   Alan Russell Chris Stamberger   Bryon Walters  Shelby Weide

Verona Whitmore   Wayne Whitmore   Dar Wujek