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Breaking the Prairie Collection

             Tel. 815-539-3373


The Mathesius Brothers Barn was completed in 2002. It represents a typical barn in farm country in Illinois. Three large windows allow viewing of the displays of tools and implements used by farmers in days of old. A buggy and old time tractor are on display. Outside are the larger implements that were used for breaking up the soil, planting, and harvesting. In the back of the building is a mid 1800's windmill

Tours can be arranged by contacting the main office: 815-539-3373       

The site is handicap accessible.


The Country Chapel was completed in 2004 and dedicated with the barn. Similar churches were found in many small country towns. Besides offering religious services, they were social gathering places for families in the area. The chapel has a foot pump organ like those used for services and entertainment.

Tours can be arranged by calling the main office: 815-539-3373 

Handicap accessible.

The Country Chapel can be rented for weddings, renewal of wedding vows, anniversaries, and small gatherings for special occasions.

To arrange a rental, please contact the main office

at: 815-539-3373

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