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Picture taken at front door of the Hume-Carnegie Museum

Looking East

15 Albums of pictures of Mendota's past

Album's compiled by Leo and Norma Muhlach

Folding rocking chair brought to Mendota in the 1870's by the Peart Family. Donated by Ruth Osgood

Clock once located in a jewelry store in Mendota.

Train conductors used it to set accurate time on their watches.


Pictures from the Hume-Carnegie Museum








Dedicated to preserving the history and heritage of the people, commerce, and industry of the Mendota area.

Suggested Donation: $2.00 Adult - $1.00 Student - $3.00 Hume-Carnegie and Union Depot Museums

Or by appointment

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Administrative Assistant Job Description

All duties are to be carried out in strict compliance with established Mendota Museum & Historical Society Standards.

Assist the Executive Director to conduct business of the museum including:

Office: Staff the Mendota Museum & Historical Society office; maintain regular published office hours.

Technology: Must have a background in computer with the ability to use Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher.  Must be able to create and maintain data bases, calculate within and merge to files.

Correspondence: Write and save thank you letters & receipts for donations; write correspondence requested by the boards including but not limited to: letters, agendas, minutes, and prepare mass mailings.

Membership: Produce membership forms, certificates, letters, notices, and lists; maintain membership data base; and produce periodic newsletters.

Forms and Assist the Executive Director in creating forms to track sales, visitors, and volunteer hours of the museums; maintain a calendar of events; assist with in-house publications; help with exhibits and displays as needed.

Acquisitions: Keep Knowledgeable about the maintenance of the acquisitions database for the museums; assist the acquisition manager to develop forms; develop a standard form and create exhibit labels; create brochures for exhibits as needed.

 Training: Attend seminars dealing with the operations, promotion, and development of the museums, as requested by the Executive Director.

 Meetings: Attend board & committee meetings and other group meetings as requested by the Executive Director;  type minutes of these meetings and maintain an attendance list.

Tours: Assist with the scheduling and conducting of museum tours.










10% discount for MMHS members                                   

Featuring the Museum
Child sizes M, L
Adult sizes S, M, L, XL
Featuring the Museum
Child sizes XS, S, M, L
Adult sizes L, XL
Caps   $ 6.00
Hume-Carnegie Tote bags   $ 6.00
Museum First Day Issue Cachets   $ 1.00
Pioneer Settlers of Troy Grove Illinois Another Man Named Hickok (Two volumes COMBINED)   $17.00
Book-Cowboy to Industrialist
The autobiography of
Horace D. Hume
Add $5.50 for Handling and Shipping on the first item, $1.00 for each additional item

Mail check or money order to:


P. O. Box 433

Mendota, IL 61342-0433

Mission Statement

The Hume-Carnegie Museum fosters an understanding and appreciation of Mendota and the surrounding communities by collecting and preserving the area's significant historic, cultural, and artistic heritage. This purpose is served by utilizing collections and associated data to educate the community and by promoting learning through diverse exhibitions and educational programs. The museum also serves as a focal point for volunteer participation in the community.
Adopted December 12, 1998


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